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As people tell us every year, your heart rate will begin to get faster as the start date approaches. Some put it down to nerves, others to emotion…

We say it Camí de Cavalls and in its 100KM version it presents a race that starts at 6 in the morning from Maó to Ciutadella.

For the conditions of this edition, a reduced version has been enabled for those who find it difficult to meet the passing times.

This departure will also be at 6 in the morning from Es Grau.

The maximum time to get past the Pont den Gil will be 10pm in order to comply with the curfew regulations.

The starting line of this course is the majestic port of Mahon, the second largest natural port in Europe, where runners can get off to a fast start before they promptly enter the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau, the most important natural space on the island, where the environment demands our utmost respect. Sa Mesquida, Es Grau, Favaritx lighthouse, s’Hort des Lleó, Addaia, S’Arenal des Castell…with every stride you take, you will discover new places from dawn to dusk.

At Playas de Fornells, you will find a refreshment point where you can freshen up before you tackle the most demanding stretch of the course: if you are a pace-setter, you will pass through Cavalleria and Binimetl·là as dawn brakes, before reaching Ets Alocs, where your quadriceps will feel the strain of the steepest incline.

Cala Pilar, Algaiarens, Cala Morell and the Punta Nati lighthouse will be the last reference points before you reach Ciutadella and tackle the final stretch of an adventure the ends in the impressive and well-maintained finisher zone.

Who wants to become a #LEGEND?


ES GRAU10,810,801:4807:48
ARENAL D’EN CASTELL31,911,505:3411:34
PLATGES DE FORNELLS43,811,907:3913:39
EL PILAR65,511,211:2717:27
CALA MORELL78,51313:4419:44
PONT D’EN GIL9213,516:0622:06
ES GRAU0000:0006:00
ARENAL D’EN CASTELL21,111,504:0210:02
PLATGES DE FORNELLS3311,906:1912:19
EL PILAR54,711,210:4216:42
CALA MORELL67,71313:1519:15
PONT D’EN GIL81,213,516:0022:00