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Did you know that Camí de Cavalls dates back more than 300 years? It originated during the occupation of the island by the British who marked out the path to defend against the constant sieges of pirates and other invaders. The route is also characterised by the presence of defence towers from the same era. Indeed, the Fornells defence tower marks the starting point of this Trail Menorca format.

The magnificent Fornells bay, with the imposing Mola and El Toto mountain towering above, is the starting point of a race which begins off the beaten track but which quickly joins the area of Playas de Fornells before heading towards the Cavalleria lighthouse, its beach, Binimetl·là and the tricky area of Ets Alocs, which will take a severe toll on your legs and subject your quadriceps to the sternest of tests.

Cala Pilar, Algaiarens, Cala Morell and the Punta Nati lighthouse will be the last reference points before you reach Ciutadella and tackle the final stretch of an adventure the ends in the impressive and well-maintained finisher zone in Ciutadella, where you can recharge and unwind.

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