Would you like to take part in the Trail Menorca CdC but have your concerns about the distance? Would you like to have some fun with your friends while doing something you love? The 185-km Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls is now offering a new team-race format!


Each team comprises 2, 3 or 4 members who are required to take over from one another at various points to complete the 185-km Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls (TMCdC) course.


The changeover points will be at all chip control stations on the course which are located at the provision stations. Each leg will therefore cover the distance between the provision stations at which timing equipment is fitted (Binimel·la and Son Saura will not be used as changeover points).

The race will include 13 legs which the team members take turns to cover. Under no circumstances may 2 members of the same team run the same leg of the course.

1. – Son Morell 16 km

2.- El Pilar 15 km….…

Up to 13


Teams may individually select their race strategy, subject to the requirement that each team member must complete at least 3 legs. Athletes are free to choose whether they run their legs as one continuous section or alternately with the other team members. There is no prior list containing the order of the legs. It is up to the team to choose. The only thing that athletes must do is comply with the changeover procedure to register data in the system.

e.g. in a team of 4 athletes, each member must complete 3 legs either as one continuous section or alternately, and one team member will have to run a fourth leg so that all 13 legs are completed. On the other hand, in a team of 3 members, once the 3 team members have completed their compulsory legs, the team chooses how best to complete the remainder of the legs, e.g. they may be run by the fittest member, with member one covering 3 legs, member two covering 3 legs and member three covering 7 legs.

Once the relay teams have reached the Es Castell refreshment station (km 100) at the end of the north side of the race, they will have an obligatory break until the start at 6:30 am, coinciding with the start of the TMCS Trail Menorca Costa Sud – 85 km.

Start time

The teams will start at 15:30h and will be given a maximum of 34 hours.

Chip control

Team members must take part using their own chip (if they do not have their own one, a reusable chip will be provided). A second team chip will also be distributed. Changeover athletes must therefore complete their leg with two chips, one for each foot, i.e. their own personal chip and the team chip.


Athletes who are completing their leg will pass over the chip control mats to register both chips. The TEAM chip will then be passed onto the next relay runner. In turn, the new runner will pass through the chip control point again to begin the next leg.

If the same member continues onto the next leg, they will only have to pass over the time control point once.

Every start/end point of a leg will be based at an approved timing point established at a provision station.

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