Menorca has always been an example of sustainability. The nature that defines the island is one of its greatest attractions, the variety of landscapes is discovered in the infinity of routes that populate the intricate interior landscape, the Camí de Cavalls being the main reference.

Trail Menorca
Camí de Cavalls

Live at your own pace, a historic trail that was used to defend the island’s coastline now turned into the GR223

Menorca, unique by nature

 Participating, running or walking in the Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls is an opportunity to discover what is hidden on this wonderful island, jewel of the Mediterranean, beyond its fantastic beaches. On the Camí de Cavalls you will find yourself running on tarmac, road, track, rocks, forest, red, yellow and white sand, coarser, finer, more compact or looser. Also, depending on the distance, you will be able to run at night and enjoy a sky with hardly any light pollution, allowing you to see a lot of stars. The route, and the race, offer you endless scenic possibilities that are complemented by other attractions such as gastronomy, culture, handicrafts or the simple fact of immersing yourself in the friendly Menorcan character.

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8 adventures, 1 legend


Live an experience like you have never done

Trail Menorca CDC 

Menorca has always been an example of sustainability. Our island has always bet on preserving the essence.

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