A legend of 185KM

Download the track here. (kmz for google earth)

Can you imagine waking up, preparing your backpack, putting on your trainers and running 185 km around the Island of Menorca, with a cumulative elevation gain of 3,500 metres? This is the what awaits you in the Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls, one of the longest Trail races in Europe and one of the most attractive challenges you can face today.

This race will not leave anyone feeling indifferent. Anyone who decides to sign up, train and, of course, set off from the starting point in Ciutadella, immediately secures their status as a #LEGEND.

There are two starting points: one for those who believe they are able to complete the course in under 34 hours, and another for those who will be given 40 hours. The atmosphere at both is quite thrilling as a hundred or so spectators, surrounded by horses, the most iconic animals in Menorca, gather in the very centre of Ciutadella to vociferously send the runners on their way, which makes for a very stirring spectacle that will make your hair stand on end.

What lies ahead? A course that hugs the coastline and involves 185 km of beaches, rocky terrain, road, track…and suffering. The island of Menorca is not flat by any stretch of the imagination. Camí de Cavalls will severely punish anyone who underestimates it. You will encounter some breathtakingly beautiful places but, on the flip side, you will also tackle a number of stretches which will take a severe toll on your legs.

Binimetl·là, Cavalleria, Favàritx, S’Hort des Lleó, the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau, the majestic port of Mahon, the captivating fishing village of Binibeca and the beaches of Binigaus, Mitjana, Macarella, Es Talaier and Son Saura are just some of the delights that you will discover as you painstakingly make your way through the course, grow more and more enamoured of this island (if you didn’t already hold the island in the highest esteem) and secure your status as a #LEGEND.

Who wants to be a #LEGEND?