From the organizing team of the Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls, we are working to offer an event with the maximum guarantees following the instructions of the health authorities.

We are aware of the uncertainties and doubts that the current situation causes and for this reason we have prepared a FAQ ‘s that we will update according to the evolution of the situation.

1. The current dates will be immovable for this 2020?

Yes. The race for the 2020 edition will take place on October 2, 3 and 4. In case of suspension of the test for reasons beyond our control, the next edition of the Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls will be moved to 2021.

2. In case of suspension of the event, what will happen to my registration?

Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls offers runners different options:

  1. In the event of a definitive suspension of the 2020 edition due to the health crisis, all those registered in any challenges of Camí de Cavalls Trail Menorca will automatically become registered in the 2021 edition. In this case, the Participant must not carry out any management.
  2. All the registered ones can acquire BONUSSES for the total amount of the inscription in tests organized by the Elitechip SL. In this case, write us:
  3. As a last option, you can request a full refund that will be provided in 75% by returning the total amount in the same bank card number with which the payment was made and the remaining 25% in BONUSSES to participate in competitions organized by Elitechip SL Company. After a deep reflection in which the centre of our thoughts has been to offer the maximum facilities to our participants in a fair and equitable way, we adopt this formula in order to alleviate the irrecoverable and duly justified expenses that The organization of the test requires us both on a material and human level.

We want to facilitate the procedures and / or doubts. You can contact us through the following email:

3. In case of suspension of the event for 2020, what will happen to the riders located on the waiting list?

will not affect. In any case, runners who wish to do so may register for next edition of TMCDC 2021.

4. In case of suspension, when will registrations for the 2021 edition be opened?

Registrations will be open at the end of November 2020. TMCDC 2021 will take place on May 21, 22 and 23.


5. How will can pick up their bib number be done?

Taking the measures, protocols and recommendations established by the health authorities.

In person, staggered and taking all the distance measures between the participants, the collection times will also be extended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current exceptionality, along with the delivery of the bib number, the runner’s bag with the Finisher t-shirt of the TMCDC 2020 edition will also be provided.

You can check the pick-up times and location in the “Program” section on the web:

6. What will TDC 2020 aid stations be like?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current exceptionality, the aid stations will be reduced to a minimum and will be adapted to the measures established by the Health Authorities.

There will be two types of product services in aid stations throughout the test:

Liquid: You will find water, soft drinks, isotonic drinks, fruits and nuts. Only for the 185 km, 100 km and 85 km tests will solid and hot products be added.

Complete: In addition to liquids you will find fruit, nuts, candies, sweets, bread and sausages, hot food such as pasta with sauce, broth and chicken, among other things.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will only be 3 complete aid stations located in: Platges de Fornells, Es Castell and Sant Tomàs.

You can check the location of all the aid stations in the “The Races” section on the web

7. How will the competition starts?

In the tests with the largest number of participants, different starts will be made, which will be established by groups of runners and with a time separation between starts of 40 min. In the 27 km and 45 km tests and exceptionally in the 58 km test, depending on the volume of participants, there will be a double start 10 min apart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To adapt the 58 km, 44km and 27 km races to the new security circumstances, the starting times have been modified.


Friday, October 2nd 2020

  • 8:30am Start 1 TMCdC 185km. Plaça del Born de Ciutadella
  • 2:30pm Start 2 TMCdC 185km. Plaça del Born de Ciutadella

Saturday, October 3rd 2020

  • 1:00am Start TMCN 100km. Parque Rochina del Port de Maó
  • 7:00am Start TMCS 85km. Campo Municipal de Fútbol de Es Castell
  • 8:00am Start 1 PTCS 45km. Poliesportiu d’Es Migjorn Gran
  • 8:40am Start 2 PTCS 45km. Poliesportiu d’Es Migjorn Gran
  • 9:20am Start 3 PTCS 45km. Poliesportiu d’Es Migjorn Gran
  • 8:00am Start 1 PTCN 58km. Calle Camí de Tramuntana de Fornells
  • 2:00pm Start 1 STCN 27km. Parking Platja de Algaiarens
  • 2:40pm Start 2 STCN 27km. Parking Platja de Algaiarens
  • 3:20pm Start 3 STCN 27km. Parking Platja de Algaiarens

You can check the transfer and departure times in the “Schedule” and “Rules” section on the web

8. And the finishline?

The finish line and post finish line services will be subject to the circumstances and recommendations of the health authorities.

9. Will there be a shower area and clothes storage?

Due to the current exceptionality, there will be no shower service.

The wardrobe service will be available upon request and by justifying an extreme need.

10. And physiotherapy service?

Due to the current exceptionality and for prevention reasons, physiotherapy service will only be carried out to runners who suffer any injury. There will be no massage service. There will be a physiotherapy point in Finish Line, and another located in the Es Castell aid station that will be exclusively used for runners of the 185 km race.

11. Any more doubts

To provide as much information as possible and as we have more information, we will update this section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For any questions, you can send us your questions and / or suggestions to

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